Vertical and horizontal signs

To optimise your maintenance and road works costs, IMMERGIS offers services of horizontal and vertical signs assessment, to support organisations to answer road management needs with an adapted response.

Horizontal marking assessment

Your road marking are getting old or inefficient? You have noticed non-conformed marking?

IMMERGIS horizontal marking service has been developped for highways, roadways, and cycleways and brings to road infrastructures managers:

  • all horizontal signs inventory (type, module, stuff, color, etc.)
  • an assessment of the signs condition (qualification and damage severity, life duration estimation, etc.)
  • a study on visibility distances
  • a non-conformity analysis of marking signs
  • a complete folder including marking plans (by section, by crossroads, etc.)

Vertical signs assessment

Your road sigs are getting old or damaged? You have noticed non-conformed signs?

IMMERGIS vertical signs service responds to police, directional and local information signs analysis requirements:

  • inventory of all vertical signs (including lenght, width, film, manufacturer and fabrication date information, etc.)
  • signs condition assessment (support, sign, film conditions, estimated life duration, etc.)
  • audit on signs & equipments implant and retro-reflection
  • a conformity analysis of security equipments and urban settlements.