Audits and consulting services

Existing road management process analysis

We bring our road expertise and GIS know-how to audit current organisation and processes for the network and assets management.

Support for global road management tool implementation

IMMERGIS supports organisations to monitor all their network information within a unique management tool.
We focus the tool settings on efficiency and simplicity of use for the end-users.

Consultancy services for technical and executive road management

IMMERGIS performs for its customers:

  • Existing process and tools analysis (applications, database, etc.)
  • Need definition according to expectations (expected deliverables, allocated budget, etc.)
  • Pilot tests (to be able to respond as best as possible to the expectations)
  • GIS (Geographical Information System) or RIS (Road Information System) implementation programm
  • Analysis of GIS Database application to define expected specification
  • Expert support onsite.

 Personalized services according to your road management issues

Contact us if you have any specific question and requirement for your network’s assets management.