GIS database conception

IMMERGIS has developped a specific service offering for road infrastructure managers. This service includes the conception of a road GIS-Database, realised with a mobile mapping solution for data collection, and softwares solutions for asset’s milestones attachment.

GIS-Database creation

Collected GIS-data are:

  • Accurate (geographical precision: sub-metric, linear referencing system)
  • Qualitative (network’s asset condition: pavement, signs, equipments, etc.)
  • Quantitative (quantity by type of asset)
  • Exhaustive (complete inventories)
  • Visual (image database)

Thematics collected in X/Y/Z, and PR+Abs.

  • Roads network linear: organised, accurate, ranked
  • Milestones: kilometer marquers, horizontal marking, etc.
  • Shoulders: ditch, sidewalk, embankment, etc.
  • Signs: directions, vertical, police, etc.
  • Road structures: type, condition, etc.
  • Security equipment: type (safety barrier, concrete barrier, etc.), condition, etc.
  • Aligning trees: essence, condition, etc.
  • Public lighting: pole type, etc.
  • Advertising signs: surface, etc.
  • School transport: bus stops attributs, etc.
  • Light transport ways: cycleways, footh paths, etc.
  • Other thematics on demand


  • GIS layers (ArcGIS®, Mapinfo®)
  • Integration in GIS, RIS (Road Information System) or state softwares
  • Platform and/or diffusion tool of the images database.


  • Competencies transfer: we can support technical teams of road infrastructures managers, to ensure the asset inventory management and update
  • Cost optimisation: by making a complete network inventory and condition assessment to anticipate and prioritise road works.