Road assessment

IMMERGIS offers to public authorities and linear infrastructures managers an innovative approach to evaluate their assets, in order to rationalise the road policy.

Our simplified, responsive and efficient methodology enables to determine network’s condition. The road assessment is the indispensable help to decide road projects and priorities, and the related investments and road works planification.
We support to:
  • have a better understanding and overview of the road network conditions
  • update an old road network inventory or assessment
  • optimise budget and road works investments
  • transfer competencies between organisations and stakeholders.

Complete assessment of networks

  • Road assessment according to local context (municipality, department, regional (etc.) ways)
  • Assessment based on large scale data acquisition from road surveys
  • Security and conformity assessment of equipments in accordance with national and international regulations

Our comprehensive methodology combines a visual inspection and pavement geometry, to bring:

  • Objectivity in the condition assessment
  • Accuracy in assets positionning and measures
  • Easier decision-making in road works investments
  • Cost effectiveness and faster analysis results.